eRichshaw Charger

UTL 60 Volt 15 Amp E-Rickshaw Battery Charger (60V/15A). Rs. 7900

Rs. 7900

Buy A Best Quality eRickshaw in just Rs 35,000/- and Financing

Offer Price Rs.  180,000


E-Rickshaw Battery Charger

UTL’s E-Rickshaw Battery Charger is highly reliable, efficient and easily installable. It is provided with various protection features which make it highly reliable. It can provide efficiency up to 90%. User can easily connect the charger with the batteries without any hustle. It has the capability to charge a battery which goes into the deep discharge condition. This is one of the features which make it different from other brands.

High-Efficiency SMPS Based Charger

UTL`s E-Richshaw battery charger is SMPS based charger which is highly efficient and consumes very little power. Unlike SCR based charger, it takes less power from Mains and it provides AC-DC efficiency up to 90%.

Deep discharge charging capability

UTL`s E-Rickshaw battery charger has the capability to charge a battery which goes in deep discharge condition. It can charge the battery if the battery voltage during discharge reaches up to 32V or 8V per battery.

Intelligent with a powerful microcontroller

UTL`s E-Rickshaw battery charger is embedded with a feature that determines the battery profile and charge the battery accordingly. This is done by using a powerful microcontroller which is programmed to decide the charging profile according to the battery. So, user can connect any type of battery to the UTL`s battery charger like SMF, Tubular, and Lead Acid.

Digital meter

This battery charger is provided with a digital meter. This digital meter displays the charging voltage and charging current. Digital meter display charging voltage continuously, to change it to charging current a switch is provided by pressing that switch user can see the charging current on the same digital meter.


UTL`s E-Rickshaw battery charger possess many protections. Some of them are:

1. Overcharge protection
It protects the battery from being overcharged. Maximum charging time limit provided is 14 hours.

2. Overload Protection
In overload protection, UTL`s E-Rickshaw battery charger protects the battery by limiting the current using its internal circuitry.

3. Short circuit Protection
When there is short-circuit in output terminals, the charger goes into Output short-circuit protection i.e. the charger will shut down.

4. Over-temperature Protection
When the charger temperature goes above 80 °C, the charger goes into over-temperature protection i.e. the charger will shut down. When the temperature goes down up to 70 °C, then it will recover automatically.

5. Reverse Battery Protection
When we connect the battery in reverse polarity the charger protects itself with the help of DC fuse.

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