1kW UTL Hybrid Solar System Complete set Price Rs. 91000/- Incl of all taxes

UTL Poly crystalline Panels, 335 Watts

Rs. 30/- per Watt

UTL- Smart LED HD TV, 24 Inch *

Special Offer price Rs5800 (list price Rs.7200)

UTL Washing machine with 5 years of warranty.

Price: Please contact store

15kVA 240V Alfa+ Grid-tie Solar PCU

Rs. 149000/- Incl of all taxes

UTL 5kW Hybrid Solar System On-Grid + Off-Grid

(5kW hybrid solar system by UTL Solar includes 15 nos. X 335 watt solar panel, 5kVA hybrid solar inverter, 8 nos. X 150 Ah solar battery, solar mounting structure, wires, nut-bolts and other solar accessories that can run trgular load of your home)

Rs.349000/- Incl of all taxes